Justine S Harrison hails from Long Island, NY and is an NYC based actress that can work on both coasts.

Justine graduated from the New School University in NYC and has been working as a professional actress since graduation. She joined SAG-AFTRA in 2012. During college and high school, she studied acting at

HB Studios, and Barebones Studios.

Justine's grandmother and family always encouraged her art. Justine was first introduced to acting by her grandmother who owned and produced a theater company on Long Island, Huntington Village Theater Company. From there, Justine knew that she wanted to be an actor and has been on set or on stage ever since!

*Recent bookings include a RECURRING role in the pilot No Clue (Amazon) & another recurring role as the crime-fighting older sister of the lead in the series 21st Century Demon Hunter. 21st Century Demon Hunter has been picked up by Amazon Prime and will begin airing there January 20th.
*UNSUNG HEROES Season 2 is currently shooting! Justine is a series regular as the superhero ANNIE GLOOM!
*She had an important supporting role in the feature film Circle.
*Justine is performing and creating content with Stumble Through Productions.
*She's a princplal in music videos for the bands Wool Sucker and Tiergarten.
*Shot principal role in a Pet Brush infomercial & a corporate video for a law firm with The Rockford Group Ad Agency
*Justine performed in the tri-state tour of the 2 person play The Power of One by Soren Bennick Productions.
*She's recently had principal roles on two series: Broken At Love (award-winning series) & Matza Pizza (1 million+ Views).
*Justine recently shot a principal role in a commercial for Star Nissan and for the store Chocolate Worx.
*Justine has a large dual role in the film Spring Break Zombie Massacre that premiered to a crowd of hundreds!  The creators of Spring Break Zombie Massacre, Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt, were featured/interviewed on CONAN O'BRIEN and the film is showing around the country.
*View the website for Spring Break Zombie Massacre at Justine is featured on the cover of the website. This film has been discussed in The Boston Globe, People, Today, PBS, HuffPost, etc.
*She shot LEAD roles in two films directed by Josh Eisenberg.
*She auditioned for Blue Bloods 6 times recently & for Stacy Gallo Casting 5 times (and counting) in 2017.
*Justine had THREE call backs for the off-Broadway show MY BIG GAY ITALIAN MID-LIFE CRISIS that performs at The Snapple Theater and in Atlantic City.
*She was also called back for the LEAD in the OFF-OFF BROADWAY show THE STORE: ONE BLOCK EAST OF JEROME at The Castillo Theater.